Car Air Filter

Car Air Filter

Car Air Filter at It’s Best One of the most important car parts is the air filter. It’s one of those things that you can make a lot of modifications to, altering the performance, looks and even the smell of your car. This part of your vehicle is a big contributing factor to the overall performance of your car. Replacing your stock air filter with a high flow, performance air filter, can improve the power, and acceleration of your vehicle. This article will cover the following topics: Do you need a replacement car air filter,What goes into a replacement air filter,Options for purchasing a performance air filter,Replacement versus performance,Road course modifications and driving habits,Air Induction Kits. สล็อตเว็บตรง

Do you need a replacement car air filter?

Yes, anytime the air filter becomes clogged it needs to be replaced. This can become a problem especially if you drive a lot especially on freeways or in port areas. You will notice that your car starts to slow down when you try to accelerate. Since the engine is trying to push the car you will find that your car is trying to push you, and this friction is not overcoming the air filter, and the engine is not getting the best performance it can. Air filters are not that expensive and the performance will increase over time. Most performance specs will no longer be effective once the air filter becomes clogged.

What goes into a replacement air filter?

Converting an economy car or light truck to a performance car will change the filtering requirements of your vehicle. It will require you to change your air filter at regular intervals as the performance capabilities of your vehicle decline. By performing regular maintenance, your vehicle will be performing at peak levels and this will ensure that you will not experience a decline in the overall performance of your car.

Should I purchase an induction kit?

The definite answer is NO. Most induction kits are not specific to any specific engine. They come in kits that could fit on any specific engine. Performance air filters specifically affectick trucksor 4-wheel drive vehicles. Only by adding a specific performance air filter to your vehicle can your car be specific to your engine. When you do it yourself you will be able to specific the filter to the intake and exhaust valves. Lets look at the two different types of air filters.

The original box filter:

Original equipment filters, they are designed for preventing dirt and debris from entering your engine. If your engine has a dirty intake or exhaust valve, then a performance air filter may not be the best option for you. A lot of older model cars come with original equipment filters. I actually recommend replacing these with the performance air filters. Why? Because they are much easier to install and cause less headache when you have to adjust the size of the intake or exhaust valve. The con’s of the original filter are it’s cost and it needs to be replaced often. If you are buying a performance air filter online make sure you are purchasing right model from the internet source. Make sure they have a return policy just incase you are not satisfied. As with anything you purchase online purchase with caution.